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Your wedding day is without doubt the most important day of your entire life. It's the day when nothing should go wrong, and with careful planning it won't. Being the one day you will never forget it is important to make those memories lasting memories, not only for the newly weds but also for family and friends in attendance. Creating such memories is not that difficult it simply takes careful planning and professional help. Throughout this site we will explain how Millennium Weddings can assist in making your day perfect.

As you are no doubt aware, getting married is a serious matter and can be accompanied by some even more serious expenses. People spend thousands of dollars on the finest function rooms, the best caterers, flower arrangements, attire and so on. However, the question we should now ask is, in years to come, are both yourself and your guests going to be saying  "Wasn't the food nice at Mary's wedding, or Mary's dress was lovely or maybe even the flowers were beautiful." Chances are they won't even remember these. What they will be saying is " Didn't We Have a Fantastic Time at Mary's Wedding."

What can guarantee these memories?

As a team, Millennium Weddings have been dedicated to the North Queensland wedding industry since the year 2000. That’s 17 years and over 1600 weddings! Danny is a seasoned professional with over 25 years in the entertainment industry as both a live musician and DJ. As a DJ he has worked throughout Australia and been resident DJ at some of the largest venues in Queensland. His knowledge of music and the ability to place it at just the right time is impeccable.  Fiona has been DJ’ing professionally for over 12 years, she first began in the club scene where she was resident DJ  (and one of the first female Dj's) at some of the largest clubs in North Queensland. She later switched to the wedding industry bringing with her a wealth of experience. Choosing the right song at the right moment is a “must” and Fiona covers this to perfection. 

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