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Millennium Weddings
  • Why should I hire a DJ instead of a band for my wedding?
    A professional DJ will have a library of thousands upon thousands of songs from the oldie but goodies to today's top 40 hits. DJ's do not take breaks and will play anything and everything that you want to hear at your wedding reception.

  • Do you take breaks during an event?
    Outside of running to the restroom, no. We work non-stop from the moment your wedding reception starts until the final moment when you make your grand exit from your wedding reception. If you opt to feed us a vendor meal, we will take a break to eat, but make sure there is music playing the whole time.

  • What sets you apart from other mobile DJs?
    Well we are young enough to know what is hip and what music will get people up and dancing, but we are old enough to know it is not about us being DJs as much as it is us providing our clients exactly what they want. We are not the old style wedding DJ guys who show up with the music note neck-tie, who want to talk on the mic all night like we are on the radio. We know that you are our boss and we want to deliver what you want and desire. We listen. We have redundant systems to make sure we provide you with the music you want and avoid the music you hate! We can read a crowd and get them dancing whether they are 17 or 70 years old. We will never do anything that will come across "cheesy" or cheapen your event. We provide unlimited planning consults and meetings so that we understand your vision.

  • Where should we put the DJ and the dance floor?
    You want to make sure the DJ and dance floor are front and center at your event, preferably side by side with each other. You definitely want a clearly defined dance floor that is size appropriate for the guest count. Too small and it will be cramped and uncomfortable for people to dance. If it is too big or spread out, it will look empty and people will be less likely to dance. You also do not want to put the DJ and dance floor in a separate room from the rest of the reception. This is a recipe for no one dancing.

  • Can we choose the music for our wedding reception?
    Yes, yes you can. Keep in mind, we will essentially have 2 distinct parties taking place during your wedding reception. We will have the cocktail and dinner hours, where we can play pretty much anything. During the cocktail and dinner hours most wedding guests are chatting, and aren't really listening to the music. It is mostly background noise at that time. This is a great time to mix in any requests that you may have. You can actually choose all of the cocktail/dinner music if you wish. The second half of the night is the Dance Party. We do not recommend trying to pick every song for the dance party part of the evening. We suggest trusting your DJ to read your crowd, get them dancing, and keep them having fun. Your DJ knows what songs work and what songs don't, so we suggest you don't limit them when it comes to the dance party part of the evening.

  • What is your style?
    The best term to describe our style over all is "genre surfing". We play a little bit of everything, mixing seamlessly from one genre to the next. It is our goal to play a little bit of everything so we have your 92 year old grandmother out on the floor beside your 11 year old cousin. We do not limit ourselves to particular styles or genres of music. We will play just about anything as long as it gets people dancing. The hallmarks of our style is seamless mixing, polished performance with no cheese in our microphone work. We will work with you to establish the tone and feel of your cocktail and dinner hours, and also establish a style of mixing/music for your dance party. If you want more of a remix heavy or mash-up style dance party, that is what you will get. If you prefer original edits of music, then that is what we will play.

  • How involved will you be in selecting the music for our event?
    Well, just as you will meet with your caterer and decide on the menu utilizing their expertise, you probably won't tell him how to cook the food. The same can be said when working with your DJ. We are going to work together to establish your preferences and tastes, and we are going to take that information, add in your requests, and then analyze your guests and what seems to be the music that makes them happy and makes them get up and dance. We want the music to be a reflection of you, but we are very capable to make all the selections of music for your event, if you do not care to do so.

  • Do you take requests?
    Yes. We will make every effort to play any appropriate requests from your wedding guests, while trying to stay within the established style and feel that we have come to develop for your wedding reception. If a song is on your do not play list, we won't play it, even if your grandmother asks us to. We also use only "clean" or radio edits of songs to avoid swearing and offending guests. We will also avoid any rude songs or tracks with overly suggestive lyrics, unless you have specifically requested them. You probably don't want your grand mother hearing, "From the windows, to the walls, till the sweat drops down my..." You get the picture.

  • What types of music do you have?
    We have everything and can get almost anything. We have been working as DJs cumulatively for over 25+ years. We have an extensive collection of music from today's hits, to 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, Rock n Roll, Hip-Hop, Rap, House, Modern Rock, R&B, Classic Rock, even Country. We will also gladly acquire any commercially available songs that you request, that we do not already own, at no cost to you. We will not however convert YouTube tracks that are non-commercial, as firstly it is illegal and secondly these usually result in very poor sound quality.

  • Do you use a contract?
    Yes. For all weddings and events we use a standardized contract. Our contracts are very straight forward and easy to understand and the document is legal and binding. Then, rest at ease that you have a legally binding document ensuring you have hired a true professional for your wedding.

  • How much is the deposit and when is the final payment due?
    We require a $200.00 retainer to hold your date for your event. We ask that the final payment be made 21 days before your wedding so that on your wedding day you have one less thing to worry about. Your wedding day is stressful and there is a lot going on. The last thing you need to worry about is carrying around a credit card to pay us and your other vendors on the day of your wedding.

  • Is my retainer refundable?
    Retainers are non-refundable. Should you need to cancel, your deposit can credited to a future booking or event. When you pay your deposit, you are securing our services for that event date and at the same time preventing us from booking that event date with another client. On average our clients book 5 to 10 months in advance of their event, and should you cancel it is generally unlikely that we would be able to rebook that date. We retain the event deposit to off-set the lost revenues resulting from the cancellation.

  • How early should I book my wedding DJ?
    As soon as you have booked your reception venue for your wedding you should start lining up your wedding vendors. We book out Saturdays and Sundays usually 8 months to a year in advance, sometimes 2 years. As soon as you have a wedding date set, you should start lining up your wedding vendors. Even if you do not have a specific venue picked out, we can go ahead and get the contract written so as to secure your date.

  • Do you include set up and break down in your price?
    Yes. Set up and take down will take anywhere from 1-2 hours before and after your wedding reception, and are included in the price of your wedding reception package. Our basic sound systems can be set up and ready to go in under an hour. If you opted for a lighting package for your wedding reception, it may take 2+ hours to get the sound and lighting set up, especially with an up-lighting package.

  • Do you carry back-up equipment?
    Yes. As much as we are not concerned with equipment failure due to the exceptional quality of equipment we use, we do travel with safe guards because you only get one chance on someone's wedding day. Should something go wrong, we do travel with backup media players, a backup mixer, and have backup sound re-enforcement. We also update our equipment every few years to ensure that we have the best and most reliable equipment available for your wedding reception.

  • Do you have references?
    Yes. We have hundreds of satisfied customers available for you to talk to upon request. Also many written comments on this website and social media as well as venue referrals.

  • Can we see you perform at an upcoming event?
    Yes and No. We cannot, and will not, invite potential clients to weddings we are performing at for obvious reasons. If we happen to have a gig at a bar or club or party coming up, we will happily invite you to watch us work.

  • Are you an interactive DJs/entertainers?
    We are a DJs, not entertainers. We don't bring props, we don't do routines, and we don't bring silly hats, wigs, games etc. We are not going to break out the limbo stick or try to teach people the Macarena. Our music is flexible, our reputation is not. We play music, we make people dance, that is what you are paying us for, that is what we do. We will make any necessary announcements for your reception, but we are not going to try to be the star of the show. We are not going to try to teach people to dance, or hound them to get on the dance floor. It is your special day and the focus should be on you. Introductions and anouncements we can do, magic tricks we will not.

  • What if no one is dancing, how would you get things going?
    Well, first off, our experience alone gives us the knowledge and ability to read a room. This is a skill which long time DJs have developed over years of experience. This means we can look at a room, and quickly, through a little trial and error (i.e. playing a few different types of songs), figure out what music will get that crowd moving, and then we can keep them up and having fun by following our instincts and pulling from our experience about crowds, music, and what works and what doesn't. Now keep in mind, at smaller weddings (say less than 50 guests) it tends to be harder to get people up dancing, but we are always up for a challenge! Even with a small crowd, there are strategies and methods we can use to get people dancing, without being cheesy. In the end, trust us, we can get a crowd, no matter how small, up and dancing, and having fun.

  • What if you fall ill or can not make it to perform at our wedding?
    In the unlikely event we can not make it to perform at your wedding due to injury, emergency, or illness, we have a group of associates who we will coordinate with to cover for your DJ. This has not yet happened in 17 years

  • Do you use banners or signs advertising yourself or your company?
    No. We will never use signage at your event to advertise our company. We will never plug our company name in any announcements, and we will never announce our company name during an event. If people approach us for info on our services, we will give them a business card. That is what they are for.

  • Should we feed the DJ?
    For all bookings over 4 hours or out of town a meal is required and part of our contract. Most venues have supplier meals which they charge only a small fee to provide. We do not require an Entree, Mains, Dessert and a piece of Wedding Cake, just a basic main meal is very much appreciated.

  • Can you provide music for the wedding ceremony?
    Yes. We have an auxiliary sound systems (Both Powered and Battery) that we can bring for your wedding ceremony. We can provide wireless mics for the ceremony as well.

  • Do you provide wireless mic?
    Yes. We provide wireless mics for speeches by pre-arranged MCs, and we have hard wired mics as back up. We will not give anyone who has not been previously approved a microphone. This prevents any over zealous, possibly intoxicated guests from rambling on the mic, making off color remarks, or embarrassing you, your family, other guests, or even themselves. No one gets mic privileges unless you say so!

  • Are you insured?
    Yes, we carry a $20,000.000 public liability insurance policy.

  • Why should we choose Millennium Weddings?
    Simply put, unmatched customer care and service, and unmatched sound quality and entertainment. 25 years Experience and over 1700 North Queensland Weddings. We do nothing else, this is our living and we need to make it the best possible. We are not weekend hobbists who pack boxs during the week and throw together some sound gear and a laptop on weekends.

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